Global Communication Network

About us

Global Communication Network is an independent economic network based in Montenegro.

With its broad network of individuals across the globe, the organisation is specialised in researching and communicating ideas that enhance the performance of the cooperation between the private and public sector.

Global Communication Network (also known as the GCN) was founded as the joint organisation of The Lucha Institute, The Free Society Institute and members of The Naiad Centre. Members of the network advocate the principles and values of the classical liberalism. However, the network tends to promote open dialogue among different intellectual views, thus questioning our understanding of the issues and challenges of modern societies.

The network’s core principles and values are civil liberties, free and open society, the rule of law, and free-market and entrepreneurship. Members of the Global Communication Network are individuals and experts from business, politics and academia who put many efforts in working with young and open-minded people. Through their work, members and experts of the network devote knowledge and skills in empowering the next generations of leaders.

The network’s fundamental mission is to ensure the development of the free, responsible and prosperous society. It does so in three ways:

  • Empowering the new generations of leaders through The Lucha Economic Forum;
  • Giving practical help in the research activities of our members;
  • Enhancing the communication between the private and public sector;