A Letter from the Chairman

Dear visitors,

Thank you for visiting our website. As you will notice, our website is currently not available. We are working on redesigning some pages and adding new features in different languages. From September 2020, our organisation will expand its operations to Central and Western Europe with our representatives in Prague and Milan. Also, we will appoint the first Chief Executive Officer, which will be another professional position within the organisation. Until this moment, the role of the CEO was performed usually by the Chairman. However, we believe that this split of tasks will help us to better manage organisational activities in the forthcoming years.

Our latest information suggests that the website should be available again by September 1st 2020. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to reach me at slobofraneta@mgcn.org

I am looking forward to sharing with you our new website very soon!

Best wishes,

Slobodan Franeta