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Annual International Property Rights Index released

Podgorica, ME – The Property Rights Alliance, a network of think tanks, published its annual report on intellectual and property rights around the world. The International Property Rights Index (IPRI) is the flagship publication of the Property Rights Alliance. The IPRI scores the underlining institutions of a strong property rights regime: the legal and political environment, physical property rights, and intellectual property rights. It is the world’s only index entirely dedicated to the measurement of intellectual and physical property rights. Covering 129 countries the 2018 IPRI reports on the property rights systems affecting 98 per cent of world Gross Domestic Product and 94 per cent of the world population

A tool for policymakers, business communities, and civic activists the IPRI highlights the essential role property rights play in creating a prosperous economy and just society. In addition, the 2018 Index examines the robust relationship between property rights and other economic and social indicators of well-being including – gender equality, entrepreneurship, research and development, human development, civic activism, and measures of internet connectedness.

This year more than 100 international organizations, from 72 countries, partnered with the PRA in Washington, D.C. and its Hernando De Soto Fellow Prof. Sary Levy-Carciente to produce the 11th edition of the IPRI. 

The Global Communication Network is a proud member of the network and has been monitoring the progress of the Western Balkans countries with special attention to the status of Montenegro. According to this year’s IPRI Croatia is the best-ranked country among other Western Balkans countries, placed on 75th position with an overall score of 5.162 out of 10. Montenegro and Serbia follow, with an overall scores of 4.817 (92nd) and 4.785 (97th). Bosnia and Herzegovina is the worst-ranking country with an overall score of 4.419 out of 10 (110th).

All Western Balkans countries are experiencing a slight increase in an overall score in the last decade but not enough for drastic changes in the ranking.

The Average Per Capita Income disparity between IPRI’s top quintile and bottom quintile countries is 16 times which indicates the importance of the improvement of an overall score and adjustment of policies.

Finland and the USA are leading the world in term of protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

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