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Atlas Network covered a story about The Herald of Freedom

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The Global Communication Network in Montenegro (formerly known as Lucha Institute) just launched the Herald of Freedom Media Outlet, the first liberty-oriented magazine in the country. With both online and print versions, the Global Communication Network hopes to increase its reach to a broader segment of the population and specifically target younger readers with the message of liberty. 

From LGBT issues to the roots of Objectivism, The Herald of Freedom is taking on issues that can create space for a discussion of classical liberalism, which has been branded as “nationalistic” in this small European nation. “The portal quickly became one of the top forums for promoting dialogue for liberty and free speech,” explained Slobodan Franeta of the Global Communication Network. “Today, The Herald of Freedom is seen as the portal for younger generations who are interested in learning more about liberty.” 

Through their research, the Institute was able to determine that over half of Montenegrin youth do not understand the basic principles of economics. The Adam Smith Society section of the portal is tasked with clarifying economic concepts, such as fiscal responsibility, minimal taxation, and pension reform that will help readers understand free markets.

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